Protection plus

Review and compare life insurance, income protection & super funds.

Who protection plus is for

Protection plus is for you if you want to review and compare life insurance, income protection & super funds…

  • You have no life insurance or income protection cover
  • You have existing life insurance or income protection that hasn’t been reviewed recently
  • You have no idea what you’re covered for through your super fund
  • You have loan repayments, bills & other expenses that rely on your income
  • Other people (your partner or kids) rely on your income
  • You have multiple super funds that need to be consolidated
  • Your super fund fees are higher than they should be
  • Your super is invested in the default MySuper or Balanced investment option
  • You want to dramatically improve your super balance between now and retirement
Here’s why it’s the most important insurance you’ll ever own…

Why protection plus is so important

Picture this…

If your income stopped tomorrow, how long would your savings last?

  • How would it impact your current lifestyle?
  • What about your financial future?
  • Have you considered how you would cover next week’s electricity bill, next month’s loan repayment, or next term’s school fees for the kids?
  • What about those renovations you’ve been planning, the overseas travel you’ve booked, or saving for retirement?

Already covered through your super fund?

Well consider this…



…the percentage of Australians with less than $1,000 in savings

Life insurance


…how much life insurance the average Australian has in super

Loan required


…the average loan required to build a new home in 2021

The basic insurance cover in your super fund is nowhere near enough…

Our advisers are award-winning experts in life insurance & income protection

What protection plus does



Make sure you have the right safety net in place if anything goes wrong.



Reduce your fees and get your investments working as hard as possible.



Your comfortable retirement modelled to the nearest dollar.

Compare insurance options
Review fees and past performance on your super

Comprehensive advice without the confusion

We work out exactly what you need to make sure you and your loved ones are comprehensively protected.

  • Insurance
  • How much cover do you really need?
  • Should your new policies be owned inside or outside super?
  • Which insurer is best suited (we compare them)?
  • Super & retirement
  • How does your super fund compare to others?
  • Could your investments be working harder for you?
  • Is your super balance on track for a comfortable retirement?

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